Can We Live Beyond Food? Algacultural Revolution: The Tiny Organism That Could Solve World Hunger.

You’d be forgiven for overlooking algae — the green film commonly seen floating on the surface of stagnant ponds — as a tasty and nutritious source of food.

Feeding a Growing World Population

Our Toxic Relationship With Food

Declining Health, Expanding Waistlines

The Green Light at The End of The Tunnel

The Perfect Crop

Eat the Green Slime

The Health Benefits of Algae

Algae is very resistant to pollution and heavy-metal contamination, helps to pull toxins from the body and is also very easily assimilated, as Catharine Arnston CEO and Founder of ENERGYbits, explains:

Photo credit: ENERGYbits

Adding Algae to Your Diet

A Food Revolution

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