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  • jenny andersson

    jenny andersson

    Activating social & environmental purpose. Designing strategic narratives for change. Creating space for impossibly difficult conversations. Inspired by nature.

  • Nathan Corry

    Nathan Corry

    I share applicable and practical advice related to improving your success with women, finances, and lifestyle design.

  • Inspire Uplift

    Inspire Uplift

    Explore the true sense of online shopping with Inspire Uplift vast product range breakneck shipping speed & 24/7 customer service. https://www.inspireuplift.com

  • Jenni Gritters

    Jenni Gritters

    I write essays, test products & produce content marketing for brands. I’m also a career coach for freelancers and the co-host of The Writers’ Co-op podcast.

  • Alexandra Sifferlin

    Alexandra Sifferlin

    Health and science journalist. Former editor of Medium’s Covid-19 Blog and deputy editor at Elemental. TIME Magazine writer before that

  • William J. Kaplanidis

    William J. Kaplanidis

    Acudragon® Wellness System fuses Eastern and Western healing methods to provide very personalized care for his clients and students.

  • Joy O'Steen

    Joy O'Steen

    Joy is co-owner of ROI Talent Development and a Communication Studies faculty member at Texas Tech University. joy@roitalentdev.com roitalentdev.com

  • Mike Fishbein

    Mike Fishbein

    Marketer. More at www.mfishbein.com.

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