My Story. Why I launched #CEIproject.

Agnieszka K. Wielgosz
2 min readNov 2, 2018

The video above is part of my story.

I made this video to share my story about why I started my passion project, which no surprise I call #CEIproject.

Hopefully it has inspired you with some of your own ideas for video.

I’d love to hear what your story is!

Hearing your stories is my favourite part of what I do here at the CEI Collective.

Every experience you’ve had, job you’ve taken and interest that you’ve pursued are part of your story. Your story is a primary influence of your why — your purpose, the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing in the world.

When you tell your story effectively, it shows people what you’ve learned, what you’ve implemented in your life and in your business — which means it has the potential to give you credibility, and it builds trust.

That’s why my mission is to help female entrepreneurs create their brand story and market it so that their ideal clients find and hire them. I’m so passionate about helping female entrepreneurs tap into their story and to create videos for them, so they can use their message to connect, educate, and inspire their tribe.

Your story defines your vision and mission.

I encourage you to discover which part of your story is the best way to also share the vision and mission of your company. This will help make it easy for ideal clients and raving fans not only to find you, but to hire you and share you with their friends!

If that sounds like you, I’d love to chat about how I can help you share your story in a way that makes a bigger difference in the world…and in business profits!

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Agnieszka Wielgosz is the founder of CEI Collective LLC and an international global media specialist committed to support businesses in bringing the human touch into their marketing through CEI ventures via #CEImedia and #CEIproject.

Beyond client work, her company is committed to raising public and media awareness about UN Sustainable Development Goals via #CEIproject, which is a proactive initiative focused on activating conversations that inspire change through conscious actions.

Wielgosz interviews a wide range of conscious business leaders, experts, creative catalysts, innovators, and change makers who use their core business strengths as a force for social good. Her mission is to support productive conversations that move us forward as individuals and as a global society.

Wielgosz is focusing on facilitating an attitude of understanding one another — across different languages, cultures, missions, and purposes.



Agnieszka K. Wielgosz

Let’s regenerate ecosystems and learn as humans to live within the boundaries of our planet. Artist — Mentor — Founder @ceicollective